Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bombs and WAGS

Reading the front page of BBC News last night I saw the title "Car bomb explodes outside courthouse", my heart sank. Without even clicking the link I knew straight away that this was happening in N Ireland and the 'dissidents' (as they are called these days) had finally produced a bomb that can explode. I don't believe for a minute that the failed bombings lately in Keady or elsewhere were failed bombings. They were clearly practice runs to see how much the PSNI are on top of them. I think last night in Newry just goes to show that the PSNI don't have a fucking clue. Credit to them for evacuating the area but from watching news footage of cars driving past just after the blast I have to wonder how well equiped the police are these days for these events. For me this was another practice run and a successful one. If they wanted to do damage there is no doubt in my mind they can replicate last night and take life next time. The police force need to get on top of these people before they get the balls to cause some serious damage.

As for the media again it seems some D-list celebrity divorce is more important than a bomb in the centre of a UK city. These people will not stop the bombs and no amount of media cover-up is going to stop them. If the media want deaths then they are playing into these terrorists hands. Deaths sell and it's a shame that's all the media is concerned about.

It's about time people open their eyes and realise that nobody has a clue how many people are involved in these 'dissident' groups. They are being condemned from all sides but I can't help but feel that they are slowly gaining support. Let's just hope they fuck up soon and are brought down before they build up any further.

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