Monday, 16 August 2010

What's to talk about?

The many factions of the IRA have stepped up attacks in August with the start of the month witnessing yet another car bomb in Londonderry and further attacks on members of the security forces in Bangor, Kilkeel and Cookstown. The most recent attack, which took place 12 years to the day since the Omagh bomb, almost killed three young children.

It is no surprise to me that attacks and alerts have increased. The more attacks that are carried out the more invincible these people feel and the more people join the ranks. These people are cowards and by showing other scum in their communities that they can get away with these attacks recruitment will increase.

What is needed is increased intelligence and arrests to deter would be have-a-go-terrorists. However what we have is the same old incompetent shit for brains politicians interfering and making matters worse. Playing politics with these IRA lunatics is simply not going to work. Martin McGuinness has claimed that the British and Irish governments have entered negotiations with the dissident IRA factions. This has been denied by both governments. Realistically neither the IRA factions or British/Irish governments can offer each other anything. The IRA factions want the "withdrawal of British forces from Ireland". They seem to have put their United Ireland on the back burner and instead want all the police dead (presumably so they can deal their drugs and smuggle diesel in peace). Personally I don't believe there has been meaningful negotiations. There has been attempts to appease Republicans at Maghaberry prison merely to prevent violence at the Apprentice Boy's parade in Londonderry. However there is nothing to be negotiated as regards to a United Ireland. Negotiations ended with the Belfast Agreement. Any attempts to negotiate would mainly be used to gather intelligence and stall attacks. There is nothing that can be offered.

If this is the case then there will be no immediate end to violence. All that can be done is react to attacks by gathering intelligence and making as many arrests as possible. Meanwhile however Margaret Ritchie has suggested that the PSNI gather intelligence on terrorists rather than the much better equipped MI5. The Chief Constable Matt Baggott has already stated that the PSNI cannot end the violence by themselves.

If politicians want to involve themselves now is the time to do it with a cool head and support any means necessary to end these attacks. Now is not the time for passing the buck but for all those with influence to get together and bring an end to these attacks before someone is killed. I'm tired of Unionist politicians calling for the army and Nationalist politicians shit stirring about negotiations and secret British forces. Politicians need to get their act together and fast or their incompetence could indirectly cost lifes.

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